New Book: Global Economic Order

The Global Economic Order: The International Law and Politics of Money & Markets by Elli Louka

This is a must-read book for those who wish to understand how the world economic order operates and impacts the well-being of individuals and entire populations.  Exploring in depth the institutions that underpin the global economy, this study provides invaluable insights on why a minimum economic order has endured for so long and why states are unwilling to establish a maximum order, a global safety net for all.  The author investigates how debt, a critical component of states’ economic infrastructure, leads to debilitating crises; and how these crises undermine the economic autonomy and political independence of states.  Louka scrutinizes the work of international organizations and points out the advantages they bring but also the institutional inadequacies and holes that make the global financial system vulnerable.  This book is indispensable for policymakers, students of international politics and law, and those who seek to understand why economic peace is, in many cases, beyond our reach.

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